• Amelie 'Collector's Cabinet' Wall Shelves (Large)

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    A large display cabinet for storing your collectables and children's treasures, everything in the cabinet will remain dust free as storage is behind a glass fronted door which has a magnetic catch for locking. Perspex glass is used for safety which has great visual acuity and there are three large height shelves inside so you can store large items like trophies, books, letters and toys.

    The frame of the door is bevelled to look more stylish and the whole cabinet is made from wood and painted white, there's a hinge at the side for opening and the cabinet is supplied with wall mounting screws. The cabinet is ideal for putting things on display where you don't want them to be touched, you can mount the cabinet on the wall at any height you want so if you want to mount the cabinet higher that little fingers can reach you can.