• Dotty Dolls House Bookcase

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    A floor standing bookcase that's shaped to look like a dolls house and just perfect for your little girls room, its part of the Dotty Dolls House range that includes a bed that looks like a dolls house and a full sized dolls house, but if your child's room is not big enough for a full size dolls house consider this beautiful dolls house bookcase which serves two functions, firstly its a great place to keep all your children's books and secondly you can use it as a proper dolls house for your teddies and dolls.

    The dolls house bookcase has a pink roof with pastel blue coloured windows and doors, there's an attic room and six room areas for both book storage as well as dolls, teddies and other toys. Mix and match between toys and books to create a perfect dolls house for your child.